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Saiun was born and brought up in Kanagawa, Japan.
She began learning Japanese calligraphy from at the age of 4.
She had studied graphic design at Joshibi Junior College of Art and Design.
After that, she had worked on many designs as a colour and material designer for motorcar companies for a long time.

Since 2001, she has become the pupil of Souun Takeda.
In 2008, she looking back upon her life, to do what she's thinking to wanted doing but could not.
She quit her job, and studied abroad in Europe.

Once again, she realized the beauty and greatness of Japanese culture...

After returning to Japan, she opened this school in April 2011 as a teacher of the Futaba Japanese Calligraphy Association.
Currently she is based in Asao(Shin-Yurigaoka), Kawasaki, Kanagawa, Japan.

A lot of smile !!@We strive to be the school that will be a fun and comfortable place to stay,
We are pursuing a richer life by everyday life x design x calligraphy.

! "The Futaba Japanese Calligraphy Association" is a provisional English name. )

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